Thursday, April 28, 2005

Twangle Frent

Just listening to Twangle Frent by muziq.
Until now I never knew it was called Twangle Frent since my
old black label vinyl copy had no track titles.

Getting flashbacks to the mid 90's.
Ach there's a wee tear forming in the corner of
my dried out monitor ray-bruised eye.
It makes me think of pacing around grey streets in Essex towns.
Chelmsford in 1994, and Colchester in 1998.
Not much going for me there.
Even less now I am sat arse stuck, inner tyre, no vent,
constricted gullet, switched off, brain dead, caged beast,
to and fro, like those lemmings went back and forth, til I set off the nuclear blast.
But I wasn't to know that then.
It makes me feel all Twangle Frent.

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