Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Panic Attack

lie down on the pavement
and clutch your chest,
drink die smoke die
death comes soon
PANIC hah aha haha ha a
PANIC woo whwooo woooo

that's it really,

just y'know smoke another
pure superskunk amsterdam spliff,
you'll feel much better hah ahh ahh ahha
your throat is constricting, you cannot breathe
you throat has tightened ,,
no more air
no ..... more...... air ggraggahhshhgh choke choke
retch retch,
now you have shrunk to the size of a pinhead in
the corner of the room the whole universe is weighing in on you

everyone notices that you are fucked
they tell each other
" he is totally fucked man, what should we do?"
"ah he'll be okay, get him a can of coke"

some more recent reads

books I've started,
but may not have finished
in no particular order

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I don't expect to survive long,
I think the cleavage shots have the upper hand...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wine flowed in a canal again

I got satan's pillow under my ass
I held a candle to Clarissa's eye
I undervarnished the clove bar.
I jackled with rangling flissarns in kleptovelt.
I cycled freearm in nordic telescope range
I heard french wedding bells echo underground
I opened gleaming hardshells slime slipping at the rockpool
I juiced a nectar berry at the sunrise festival
I gathered young standin Elvises sweating with nerves
I lunched with a bearhug giver in the palladium cafe
I collapsed the card house at osinac
I rowed the galleon and nursed the brute's whip scars
I ordered seven courses of lemming pie
I smashed pantalooon circus helmets with an appreciative giggle
Wine flowed in a canal again.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Yacht Rock (ok so it's a bandwagon)

I must spread the word of this very very funny
internet-based series of videos.

See Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, Toto, Hall and Oates
and more as you never imagined before.
Laugh your head off as the history of the smoothest music
ever put to tape is lovingly revealed.

If you're a bit of a dumbass, remember to start with episode
one at the bottom of the page

Yacht Rock at Channel 101