Tuesday, September 27, 2005

my good friends

blessed be the reader
for she shall see in the bean of coffee
the mind that is withering

for who would have thought that kind hearted
sweet bird and badger watcher himself Bill Oddie
would suffer from the black soul apocalypse that is
known as depression.

alas and alack,
sometimes it is the misfortune of those
soul soothers out there to absorb the pain of
others out of the ether.

I'm sure our billy oddie (a goodie mang)
is built of strong absorbent material and
a few splashes of bird shit from on high
won't knock him off the path to glory,.

so I sit and plastic rots and rays collide and
the subtle jelly of my eye lenses residing beneath the protective
cornea are bent and battered and dried out once again.

ah sweet murderous keyboard,
deliver me from nature
deliver me from the ability to exist
deliver me from the right to a life,
for tis my role as the Oddie
to simply abash and abate as the
immensity of the collective human conciousness
with the force of all the Earths oceans
renders me helpless and lost in its confused selfish tides.

I was away for ten days
in sunny Sicily
where the ice creams make all
other ice creams taste like shit until death.
Until death the ordinary pleasure of life
will taste like shit for me,
for I have tasted the worldly ice cream that
is mortal sin.
Shall I never truly be again?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

saul roit

saul saul roit now,
ah been owt fer a drink
wi mah good pal,
and now everyting saul roit

hello hell o o o o o o o o o oo o o oo o o

yooo hooooooooooo
yoooo hoooooooooooo

sprechen sie Deutsch?
SPrecht deutsch nein oder ja?
nur ein bisschen
nur ein bisschen
donde estan los allemagnes?

yyooooo hooooooo
yoooooo hooooooooooo

vielen dank
feeling dank

turkish bath
are you having?

the painted tiles crack
grout all rusty crusty and
luke warm

getup offa that thing
work infronta the screen
I have a cup of tea
another cup of tea
another flick of the key
and gaze into the scree
tv was never like this
it never took your whole soul in this way
it never felt so bad
it never destroyed the heart so bad
at work at home at night in the day
before after and instead of meals
your routine will die
your routine is anew
follow me follow
down to the hollow
what is here
unshareable everything
Pandora's unbottleable fart
the news the latest
read up comment
show off
but you are the fool
succubi feed off you
the never ending feeding frenzy
and you feel like you suck and drink
and nourish yourself,
but no IT drinks you IT sucks YOU dry.
you are left without the power to be
the one you were before.
Your speed, your vibration
is all altered,
you ain't the same
you ain't the same.

so what are you gonna do?
give it up?
wha wha wha?

nah? no way yr gonna do that.

Anyhow where would my readers be and
hey my page would have no more posts.
So stay around awhile,
but don't be fooled.
This is shortening your life,
as bad as radiation,
you're now a much less interesting person,
even if you feel you know more.
You have experienced less.
THIS is not experience.



Tuesday, September 13, 2005

years and yaughter

leers and farters
clears a shafter

ray a light
madonnas peach
nightlight gold
wine cellars of dry clay
bays of dark stone shelves
in shadows rest the barrels

the palette is all mango lassied
feelin' nauseous
was that the cricket match,
the emptiness of all within and out me,
or the stale rose wine?

gobbling mints to freshen the tongue,
but the glutinous beige sensation will not be budged,
fooking shite eh?
Where's fookin Uncle Sam when yer need 'im eh?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

fixin' to die

fixin' to die

watch my film and then make yr own,
it's as easy as pie