Thursday, May 17, 2007

me at UFO23 teknoval in France 1995

Here is a pic of yours truly at a free spiral tribe techno festival in France in 1995, it was in the massif centrale area not far from Bourge. I bought that hat in a local village shop.

Anyhow I could write reams and reams about that whole trip,
just getting there from the UK took about 4 days.
You'll have to ask me for further details...

adam and eve

This is a photo taken in 1996 in either Greenock, Largs or somewhere like that west of Glasgow. In the picture is Anne Marie Copestake and a Thai bloke. We had gone for a day trip to see the sea.
She was my old flatmate and a posh Glasgow artist. I loved that orange mac she's wearing and I adopted it for a while. For some reason or other I felt cool and attractive when walking down Sauchiehall street with that orange mac on.
Anyhow in the shot here they are both eating apples, hence the adam and eve title.
Despite being unemployed half the time, I really felt at home in Glasgow in those days. More than I feel at home in London now...

google stalking can cause pain

Occasionally, I google stalk.
I type in the name of someone I knew years back
to see if I can find out what they're up to.

Today I typed in the name of a girl I knew in the sixth form.
The page I found at the top of the google search is this.

My old schoolmate just stood for the Conservatives as a candidate
for councillor. Who would have thought it, the sweet outdoors loving hiker rock chick would actually want to represent the vile spawn of Thatcher. I mean I wouldn't even want to breathe in the vicinity of the awful New Labour warmongering privatisers let alone the sickening tories.

Anyway, I was shocked, but there you go.
A lot can happen in seventeen years.

Ah well Leanda, I forgive you, lets go walk up the sugarloaf listening to sweetleaf.