Wednesday, April 27, 2005

This is my theory of the state of the art.

This is my theory of the state of the art.
If you wanna be one, then go out and do it.
But what is it you want?
Immortality? Superiority? Admiration?
To be an art person you have to show off.
Bubble and squeak in a diamond casket.
Trails of your arse wipe psychobabble in a
glistening stream around smoothed pebbles.
Touché away with flame thrown beyond our
city's ether.
A goblet of the finest red wine in the
hands of the slave drivers. Is that what it is
to feel like an artist? Those beings of taste
with their cash and deadly abandon of
values. Do you make pure smooth fascistic
art for them? Is that your ambition?
No, but that is your action. To turn from
the false energy of hate is one thing, but
to be apathetic, and accepting is a curse
we must escape.
My children and characters be vibrant
and calm. Add colour and mind into your
spontanaeous expressions. Deliver them to
the people. Dont use galleries and the
patronisation of fascistic advertising
agencies. That is not your medium. You
have been kissing too many toads.
Are you grasping the vacant modern?
Or are you seeking the rich disguise of
our past's failures? Dont be ignorant of
your careless falls from grace into the
realms of ridiculous contradictory

Matt King 1998

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