Monday, April 04, 2005

the absent machine

written by me the saturday before
september 11th 2001

[part one]

Cursing the wastrel Vendor
Climbing the absent
forging the testy Uncle
like squalid lemon dropping foam dodgers
and unsinking the plug
from a psychotic shipwrecking whirlpool
I unglaze the option choice venue
to slip astroturf dog wielding digit mongers

[part two]

a dime
for yr crime
in hell
I yell
we play when you pay
with smurf shit 4 brains
I exclaim
our readers need pleaders
of design subverters
smellers cheaters ahead becomers
digit fresh plastic ice wire places
the romance of hell is an
advert of heaven and the
flow of the damned is
a stationary treadmill
assembled in place with
ever upgraded models
working the wheels of
an absent machine

A loin cloth


[part three]

the absent machine
we keep clean
with grease and oil
the blood sweat and tears
are washed away
electricity so clean as
the future
in striking dazzles a
sign to believe in
BUT awesome force should not
be our leader
Time away from the dazzling lights
can put right the flickering switches
within the mind. It quiets it stills
It fears it searches for the
extra electrical stimulation.
But eventually it rediscovers the
narrow vent into its own mysterious
origin. It slowly enters the darkned
crack and sees a Space of all time
or no time
Therein desire and need are left
outside to work the absent machine.
There in an animal state
an earth state

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