Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Matt King's unbelievable hype

PART ONE: My underpants witnessed a future zombie implosion. A text transmission from a velvety boxer pair. Lying crumpled on a duvet while I am away slaving,Sound vibrations felt by my m+s grundies, "MMMMIIIIAAAOOOWWWW" followed by, "WWWOOOOOFFFF WWWOOOOFFF"

PART TWO: Mint aero eggs are not gewy. A vile division of green bubbles. An egg which always cracks straight down the middle. Oh what lack of vision.

PART THREE: Your imbecilic gesture turned me on. I was agog and humoured and finally enflamed by you and your behaviour. Your po mo grin brought out the razor in me.Thanks for pampering my delusions.

CLEVER CRAP she asks and I strike back with this...
Do you nerd trip wasters batter me ever in waster zones unseen? Are your unkempt weed grown philosophies a sack cloth full of bricks while the kitten squeals in pain by the canal side? And shame on the banquet givers. Your glorification of past's neglectors and false sufferers steam over your second eyelids.I'm gonna fuck you over with a kick jerk fist fly swivel dance moveconnecting and newtons third law as our precise but improvised rebounding energies show us the way hey and when we are rolling where are you at? Is it still a game, a style niche for you. Grow up and be clear sighted through your still present young eyes. An eternal state with no ups and downs. Man o man you can and blast the balls with the womb keepers. YYIIPPEEE,MMMIIIAAAOOWWW WWWOOOOFFFF and I'm outta here. Love matty king the unbelievable hypster. 1998

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