Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Goddamn York!!! (Updated)

Okay, this is where I shout out to the
blogosphere "what the hell is wrong with NYC!!"

I booked accomodation at some cool cheap place
called Ye Olde Carlton Arms where
all the rooms are painted by artists and it
sounded fun.
I booked WAYYYY in advance.
They said I needed to confirm in November,
so I figured I would receive an email asking me
to confirm. NO NO NO I had to email them on precisely
November the Eleventh no earlier or no later or
they'd give my treasured room to some other asshole.
Which they did without so much as a "sorry for fucking up
your entire trip you limey piece of shit"

So now I have to explain to my friend that we're gonna have to
go cockroach and bedbug hunting elsewhere.

This is my first ever trip to the USA and if I do end up
in a stinking dive then it may well be my last!!!!
I'm going to support a very fine US band called Ween who I worship and I'm going to be giving lots of my fine Emglish pounds to your country. The least I could expect is that when I make a reservation, it stays a reservation.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what my best option here is???
I can't afford too much money but I don't want to have a total
suck experience. I need 30th Nov 1st Dec and 2nd Dec for two people in Manhatten. Please Uncle Sam do something to redeem yourself!!!!

ok ok
the hotel I reserved with originally have managed to
find me another room. so fair play to them.
I'm still annoyed that I had to go through an evening of panicking.

also I'm pleased to get a tip from someone about short term apartment lets in NYC that I may well use next time I visit the big apple, which of course depends on whether I have a good time this first time. I'll keep you posted.

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