Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Is it a blog, is it a plane, no it's CWOAI

Yes siree,
wilkommen meinen freundligen leuten gespielen.
Du bist abendzimmer nur was ist los??????

Can I lick it? Yes the pan.
Fried not burnt.
Overturned and the monkey is drinking tea again.

Heimlich manoevers all over the place.
Beer and peanut cacophany.

Searching for the serachingf or het
metal mickey's calling my name.
Fuckin' old codgers in the funfundzwanzig century.

still still srechinga orf ehr
stiill slist herching ser rof
oh I give up. just bring her out on a silver dish,
tongue lolling as the servant lifts the cooking lid.
she's mine now,
time to feast, ah that's better, licks lips,
crackling on the crinkly cheeks, done to perfection.

++++++++Hold on hold on,
that's enough of that sillyness. This is a
respectable blog I'll have you know.
Mr Tumnus may have been an inquisitive fawn, but he did not stoop
to molesting Lucy now, did he?

So the usual sunday swirl, the sweet sunday berry jane climb down
apologies and excuses, a walk in the park, a paper delivery boy
once again.
Never mind me, mind the gap, page the diamond.

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