Thursday, August 04, 2005

he's leaving home bye bye

Yeah it's almost that time again,
Time to pack up and leave my home.
Simply 'cause I can't afford to live here.
I'm working round the clock,
but for not enough dosh.
Yes I will have to leave this place of history.
A Landlords life for me.
My measly income will be boosted by
the monthly pay of some rich tenant or other...

Where will I go this time?
I dunno , but all suggestions gratefully received.
A house sit somewhere, I'll be there,
I'll feed your pet, water the plants, keep
out the dust and the burglars and I'm a non smoker to boot.
Willing to travel to any part of this blue green planet.
Email me at the link above, cheers!!!


SeizeTheNite said...

Where are you going?
They better have internet access wherever it is!!

dweller said...

Ha, I don't quite know yet, and I just quit my job too. Hmmm what the hell am I doing right now? Ah hell , there's gotta be a reason. reason, reason (echo and fade)