Monday, June 13, 2005

Deez Nuts

Cock and Ball,
Ball and Cock

My nuts are your nuts,
Your nuts are my nuts.

The spotty waiflike Victorian echo child
joins me on the station bench.
A dead South Hampstead, last stop before Euston.

He is a bored 17 year old of Irish descent
from another part of north west London.
He was going to Euston station and back
to relieve his sheer boredom.

We chat. The sun shines. I explain that I live on my own,
no girlfriend at present. The last one I had to leave because of
communication difficulties.
Plus she liked to play Enya tapes every night before we dropped off to sleep.

So this street urchin proceeds to tell me of his Psychology classes.
How his favourite lesson was when a gay man came into class who looked like a
tough muscle-bound body builder. The class were surprised when he told them of his sexuality.
The chimney sweep boy then told me how they learnt of phases we go through in psychological development: when boys of 17 can have homosexual feelings and be interested in men of my age.

I carried on chatting to this quietly spoken stray,
not able to make up my mind, whether
it was a quick dick sucking he was after on a lonely Saturday morn, or whether
we were just chewing the fat. The fact was this kid was bored and lonely. He seemed poor and deprived. He had a good head on his shoulders. Its likely people didn’t listen much to what he had to say. Plus he probably fancied the pants off me…..

As we were on the train, I got a missed call message on my phone.
It was from the Enya playing ex.
She must have picked up on our sensitive little tete a tete.

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