Tuesday, November 11, 2008

need a piss

need one, but won't leave the
stale sheet bed

need to sleep, but won't switch off the
google chrome black killer box that gives me a skin rash

needs must when the french devil's kick wigan's backside

need a falafel but they shut it down,
no Turkish bar b que for me

need health but the scum between my teeth will keep
the throat infection topped up for the winter

need to de-pornolize,
in fact this is working I'm suck-seeding ha ha

need to stop economy obsessing,
I now have a layman's degree in "the world is going down the tubes"

need to learn some new songs on the guitar,
but I always forget which ones I had earlier elected for this role


nee d een dddd nnn eee eee

glen hoddle's escape hatch

I dreamt I had a new type of camera
you put both eyes in the viewfinder like
a diving mask and everything looked so
vivid and clear and bright,
with this unique machine at once I became an artist
bringing visionary beauty from the mundane light from objects and scenes
we all normally see in shades of tainted dreary modern human vision

I dreamt of a woman swimming in these strange waters,
neither sea nor river and this documentary I was filming/watching
it was the story of a man. she became the narrator,
after being the sex object of his.

I needed those dreams and today's sun and last week's intense
caring stare of my fantastic GP who explained the lot and gave
me what I had forgotten I deserved.

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