Sunday, November 02, 2008

Barcelona #1 - Cigarette Girls

Cigarette Girls
On two of the occasions that I entered a tobacconists I was confronted by a young woman dressed in what seemed like a beauty contest outfit with a sash across her chest and not many clothes on.
I was asked whether or not I smoked. It was then that I realized that a special offer was on the cards. They were offering cheap John Player Special cigarettes; The smokes that went out of fashion in the UK in about 1982 and are lower on the pecking order than Dunhills. I don’t usually smoke anything, but when on holiday I do get the urge and seeing that there was no cigarette ban in Spain I couldn’t resist the chance to sit in a bar or restaurant and spark one up. But for me it was Gauloise Blondes or nothing.
No, neither green, red, blue or yellow JPS let alone the traditional black would sway me. I didn’t want to disappoint the girls on parade, but together we knew they were just doing a job so it was all smiles.

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