Tuesday, December 05, 2006

dweller's new podcast - the sound of tulips

During the soulsapping..I-mean-enhancing..
podcast conference the other weekend I promised my
fellow devotees (yeah right) that I would attempt a spoken word podcast.
So using the tips from my favourite podcaster she behind
"3 things" I scraped together 3 things to talk about and
spoke over a soundtrack I'd previously created using the
wonderful ableton live software.

If you want to know anything about "3 things", podcast conferences or Ableton Live you'll have to google them as the only links
I'm going to provide are to the blog URL and feed URL of this
new spoken word podcast wot I made.

The Sound of Tulips Feedburner link

The Sound Of Tulips Blogspot link

Oh yeah and If you haven't been listening to my awesome
music-mix podcast Child Without an Ipod, then please visit and listen and then subscribe. Here>>>>

child without an ipod

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