Sunday, September 17, 2006

kill newage chain emails

I've created a chain email to say to all those new age freeks that we are
sick and tired of their wisdomails they keep on posting. If you agree with
me then please mail this on. The email body starts here...

Sick and tired of those endless "feel good", "positive vibes", newage chain
emails that get sent around the world endlessly in order to make people feel
that they are in touch with some greater intuitive meaning, purpose or
whatever beyond the mundane lives they live?
They always have a selfrighteous air about them, as if to say that if we do
not agree with their endless glib aphorisms, then we aren't living in a
spiritually pure way. It is assumed that we appreciate these little
reminders of  'who we really are' in our inbox. Well think again,
   If you are fed up with the unimaginative, "moral blackmail" vibe of these
emails then please add your name to the list below and forward this to as
many others as you like. Feel free to add your own comments to this mail but
please don't alter the original text. Lets see how far this baby travels.
     Yours mattyk mattyk
(If on the other hand you love receiving those angelic messages of light
then please pray for our souls and ignore the message.)


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