Monday, September 25, 2006

Its official: URANUS is no longer a planet

It is just a Greek joke.

URANUS : The deity from Greek Mythology
"URANUS: Great primeval God of the Sky. Born of GAIA, the Earth, he covered the world in the form of a vast bronze dome and ruled over everything.
Taking GAIA to wife, he impregnanted her with many children but was not prepared to deal with the consequences. In fact he was terrified of the monstrous brood of TITANS forming inside her and threatened terrible reprisals should they ever pop out.
GAIA, wanting to protect her children, kept them inside herself as long as she could, but pretty soon the pain was unbearable. Relief only came when their youngest son CRONUS stepped in. Or rather, popped out.
Armed with a sickle, he lopped off URANUS's... er, well, let's not go into details. Suffice to say that URANUS was cut off in his prime and CRONUS took over as supreme being.
Helpful note: URANUS is pronounced with the stress on the first and last syllable: Ur-a-Nus. This helps to avoid further embarrassment."

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