Thursday, February 09, 2006

fun fun fun on the autobahn

so little chiclets,
pieces of gum,
hands on the tum,
expand and contracts,
wave and swerve,
bang your chi gong,
splash the toilet bowl,
and ring its chiming chinese porcelain neck,

lyon barcelona auf der autobahn

ga gag agag budapest hamburg

autobahn autobahn

ba ba ba ba ba ba abba ba aba bba
tra lal atra latrat later

take the turkey train next the line is straight,
fill the lake fill it up,
where the tiny pieces of rainbow coloured mosaic,
lie beneath the drowned land ,
take the turkey train train train,
hold the hose,
let the water out and washing away the silty sand,
the pictures appear, in colours all rainbow colours,
move the hose around , here they come the shining
bright floors of yore,
now go goodbye, pack up your home,
this hosing cleanse has become a dangerous flood,
take the turkey train,
your home just died, pack it up in your little bag,
and get on the train....

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