Monday, December 12, 2005

In the sequence of time and motion

In the sequence of time and motion
a stone is cast
And crevasse cracks a benign field form rips
Rent across and an eyelash back
Elephantine memory of the protein valve
The thorax squeaks cheery waves to a man
And moon dust thrives when the door knocks come
Grinning faces and a wide spectacle slips the tag
Collapse ashes Oh to stack more on
A nerve quake and quivering bleached bones
Remembering reveries Tree stump forever
Do or die the cry of my psychic whiplash
Enigma speech and I'm thrilled to wake weary

Voodoo trench coat cats tail wander
Tree branch owl on a back flight prey hunt megamission
The bones of mice in its shit
Television mist breakdown
Tulips from...
A spoon full of.....
Brown girl in the.

Tra la la la la

written 1997

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