Monday, December 12, 2005

hello dere

Hallo Joseph Tonmore,
I trust ye are keepin' well,
with yr goode womane beside ye at all thymes.
I frankenly be incensed by the mardy myrhhh.
And be driven almost to blindnesse in whipping the
stonybridge milestone.
Thanking numerous incandescent heavenly bodies
that predicaments are not further seriousnessed for all
of usses and our otherses.
May paths ways crossed by sunshine ingottes be.
Adieu dear frende and tille we have sightinges bold and berry.
Quickening thyme does not allowe the pleasures of ages,
thoughe crackes of light and the glow of splendour can
be sighted and pursued wherever they are ablest.
Beste be to yrs and yr neighbours.
James Kinge.

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