Wednesday, November 09, 2005

so much thing to say right now

is that a bob marley wig
u are wearing
or are you just
police to see me.

Yes yet again you stumble here
expecting nuggets of blogger wisdom,
flashes of joyous cheeky wit,
palmfuls of fluffy wanking spanner growth,
teary thimbles trembling on a stack of pickled spam jelly

You stumble in here,
your eyes on their red veiny stalks
they see past the glow and they
aim to focus on the irritatingly small typeface,
and do they read this far,
or do they shuffle off for the next hit,
this time I know it's for real
god knows I've got to break freeeeeee.

But that next page you look at will
be an empty shell, all flashing lights and
robot shit for brains, a life fed on a steady
diet of showing off.
Insecure Wilmas calling their menfolk in for din dins.
Ripped gayboy with his dumb dolces and ordered othodoxy.

So just stay where you are right now, tap the screen with
the nail of your left little finger and repeat after me
"I am not an internet Sheep"

Did you do it?
Good, I knew you were'nt an internet sheep.
here's a picture for all you
attention deficit surfers


ken yadig said...

Thanks for stopping in to my page. Its a little out of use latewly but itll get back on track. I havent checked out that link you left me but ill be sure to check it out.


Deek Deekster said...

hey! you still like the same colours you did in 1996 :)