Saturday, October 01, 2005

TV Personalities

I'm going to see the TVPs.
After all these years.
Last year we heard bad news about
Dan Treacy
Thought he was gone for good,
now he spends time in the public library.
Not the one I work in.
They're gonna play in Kilburn,
There hasn't been gigs there
since the National got turned into
an evangelist church.

Out of all the wonderful songs
that Mr Treacy has written
the one that catches me in the
back of my throat
transports me to some time
in Glasgow in a sunny wind of
memories is The Dream Inspires,
I just have to think of that song in my head
and I can hear the chorus
and I feel this feeling
that they managed to put into that recording.
Very powerful stuff, unbelievable.
When Dan first sings "dreaming spires"
I feel tears well up and just want to abandon
An all encompassing transcendent emotion.
More than 8 miles high.

"Stand amid the dreaming spires,
see the dream go higher and higher"

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