Monday, October 17, 2005

This man came down the road

This man came down the road and thought that he was an idiot when the complicated reasons for his existence never worked out that well, and there was absolutely nothing that he could possibly do about it. After a while he dedcided to embarrass the others by serving time on a ship and cooking all the food and cleaning up afterwards that was extremely kind of him and I wonder if there was ever anyone quite like him in the world before. So anyway , eventually the robots saw what was happening to the other young beings of light and they substituted the necklace for the pearls and split the frequencies up just when they were becoming most dangerous to the system. However a plan had already been hatched to counteract this terrible setup and so the young frankensteins were not able to foresee this eventuality and could neither predict what was going to happen next nor stop it. The gang waited until the beatings and interrogations were over.

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