Monday, February 09, 2009

bank bonus culture

I have heard too many comments on this site recently trying to convince us that the bonus is required because if it is taken away then talent will leave this country..........well the talents that were involved in the banks collapsing please leave the country......sorry if I am wrong but a bonus is meant to be an incentive to perform well....and they havent performed wll so no bonus....also if you want a bonus....then perform well otherwise you dont get one now your in public hands through your lack of ability to perform......if amateur economists on this site in their spare time could see the banks error 4 years ago then the talent at the top is a really makes me sick all this talk of the great talent we have in our banks and that its justifiable to pay these bonus because of the "Nature" of banking and trading.......wrong........I would like to be there when one of these bankers goes to hospital to have an be cared for by a nurse on a wage which is a small fraction of his bonus........then for the nurse to pay her tax into his fat pocket for doing a job incompetently.....that is not justice do not try to dress it up as so........


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