Saturday, January 10, 2009

sad eyed lady of the lowlands

sad eyed lady of the lowlands
lowlands away
my love
so the be when was in the brent cross acid party space at
joel’s parents place where badness was goodness
allowed up to a point and then brent cross was the beyond the
point new station where we would all arrive
and further unexpected points were crossed
such as the 30 year old guy with our 15 year old girl friend
but the main point was an irritating pseudo grown up daringness and
dabbling with adult mind bending drug-sex danger.
irritating cause I was rarely dabbling with the drugs and definitely not
getting any of the sex.
Oh no, I was living in good old boozy Glasgow,
being trained in the ways of booze and heavy metal.
Roman marching camps and cup and ring marks in Argyllshire
I went to gigs at the Barrowlands with girls who wanted me to get it up,
when I would only “oh sit down” to James.
So I got a dose of panic attacks,
some kind of acid mushroom come down from the previous years
mixed with major sessions drinking pints and pints of tartan special...
I learned how to drink,
I learned how to sing drinking songs
Back down south I realised how quiet and mellow everyone was in
comparison to up in Scotland.
I discovered that my crude jokes and songs and fast drinking methods were
an appreciated novelty after the years of faux-north London squat trendy heroin addict
vacant middle class cliquey wankdom that my friends were unwittingly exposed to.

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