Sunday, March 16, 2008

Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent) - last fm comments

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when I reached the highest point climbing in the alps I would smoke a cigarette and
listen to this piece of music - amazing - it became my theme for the journey.
at night before sleep overwhelmed my tired body and as strange mountain hallucinations came , I would listen to this music

Above the snowline

Thank you Chataya,it is great !

This is immense!

This song is so good, it was even used as the foundation for a track called 'Hear Me Out' by 'Frou Frou'.

When this song plays at the end of Traffic, it's . . . ethereal. & gorgeous.

Music gets no better than this.

Yeah, nobody knows you...

I think its safe to say that birth, life, love, death, and afterlife are all contained here.

Wow! this is nice like a commercial on LAST-TV

wow! this is nice

sometimes, this is the only song left fit for listening

still makes me shiver every time a listen...... an absolute classic

Absolutely gorgeous.

sound of becoming a spirit


Could last forever

Wow! Perfect track.

but only because you lose your hearing

A great track, one that gets better as you get older

Maybe not. It feel like you are in the space between vacuum and the infinite.

great track and great video too!

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