Tuesday, January 08, 2008

the climax (more triplets)

Again we tread the boreds.
fellow ship of the wholly toast.
Cram merry juice and swallow it down.

The deep black hollow
my anchor and chain
don't feel the pull from above

glass is opaque
major flaws
never never land

gangrene elbow
youngsters old stony
beeblebrox smile

hermit's chancer
gets fed and the dog
lucky devil

my neck up to it in again
dirty turd pipe cleaners
lemon zest rubber gloves

gunk tallow lit
oven ship ahoy
slab murder toad

ghostie laddie
crispy nightie
flithy drinkie

plates and scones
zebra kojak
armpit lane

deirdre's divorce
ken's makeup secret
ginger cat sleeps

bye hallo
forced to by beatles
onion breath in work van

skin diseases
nurse's hand squeezes
tramp's delight

perfume seller
gorgeous frog
I'm one of you too

goodnight matrix
bourne again
mornings of the lord

dew drops
scally slippers
donkey dipper

fudge it up
nag it dead
right old state

you need glassed
hemlock got her in
raised profiles

skibbly dibbly dob
the mouse is chop chop chop
all the way home....

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