Thursday, January 25, 2007

and it burns burns burns

hoots mon,
dinae dochno doo
hipknee hopknee hoo
cracken crocken croo
glacker glocker gloo
tamm bant spillyon tichter greet tochen
garbulls gorbals tramway scottiedog

blanket snae snow

ode tae a haggis

slithny yr sharp yon knifey
in tee that there fusty lookin
bag ae meaty bits there and
watch yon chunks ae wotnot spill oot
all oer yer grannies platter

a whiff nae less o the ancients
o dour ancestor ae oors
we are grateful tae be sniffin yr
old ways ae deein thangs once again
each year we dee this and it geez us a
chance tae eat some old mountain stew
and alsee drink some ae that old mountain dew

thanks pal

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