Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Not Dead Yet

No still here,
Ol Wispy.
In the sun where life is much much worse,
and I'm still hungry.

Ta da!!!

That was the rabbit out of hat.
But you couldn't see.
I'm good at tricks.
Sawing women in half.
Stopping people from talking in their tracks.
Various twisted subliminal tricks I get away
with with a big smile and the fact I rarely realise
that I am doing them.
It's the devil I tells ya.
Jesus and the Deal.
That's who we are dealing with.
The eternal internal fisticuffs tween
Good Choir Boys ANd fILTHY mC tWIST pRIESTS

Knowing this and that deceit is
part of the Desmond Morris school of completely
normal human behaviour.
We musn't feel guilty about our tricksy selfinterested
Cause those smiles and winks and hugs do do
some good even though we are but devils in disguise.

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