Saturday, May 14, 2005

Ron Sukenick died - last year

Okay so I am a bit late,
but it's news to me.
My here of the OUT frame

anyhow in tribute to the passing of this great artist
I will present a letter I emailed to him.
It didn't deman a reply from him so I nev heard back
until I re read it today. Felt like he wrote it to me.
Will I take heed of teh advice Ron?i wrote

+ + + + + + + + + +

Tell me its not true again repeat,"Its a lie I swear"
So foulmouth it to me again you fibbing brute, "slobberonmydickyoubitch" says the Serb whore.
Another ball in my canal barge. Trip out trip in.
Yorr gonna flunk zed grade buddy boy. And so on.
Then never is my time. My fucking never world. I'll hang in here with my doggies. You can espresso coffee yerselves to death for all I care in yer soft uni Hyper isms.
So is it a lie? Repeat. "yes Matt, just testing you OUT"
Huh, I Yank you by the tweedy tie and stuff you thru the Hubble Scope. Oh boy we are thru the hoop, "are you coming with me Matty?"
Crikey she wont let me go. Shee-It Mattyboy go it let. these letters will suprise her loosen her anchor okay sunny
rising swing it gyro spin now drop thru okay repeat... we have the momentum, we are sailing. But where going us?
Morning day, s you loosing yer time just fuckin around.
Hello but I look for the shafts, and I try to make the rays.
You need a good slapping mattyboy. Sure there aint no rush but DONT BE A LONE crone cripple fall with bad veins and lingerers from your nappy crappy period stop it dude.

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